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Shelf Help Installation Instructions

  1. To position the top shelf of your SHELF HELP system at 85 inches, you must draw a level line at 83” from the floor for each of the walls to be used up by your closet components.
  2. Take the supplied cut to length flat fixing rail and line up the top lip of this fixing rail with the level line that was drawn in step #1.
  3. With the aid of a stud sensor, locate the stud centers of each useable wall and screw the fixing rail directly into each stud center with the supplied #10x1 ½ square head screws.  If additional support is required, you may use yellow plugs.
  4. When fixing rail(s) are secure, snap on plastic rail cover(s) before next step.
  5. Open the package of gables and hang each pair according to the closet design plan.
  6. The adjustable hanging bracket attached to the top of the gable is hooked over the top lip of the fixing rail.
  7. Be sure that the gable pairings are adhered to.  In other words, the gables with attached drawer runners should be hung next to each other with the drawer runners facing each other.
  8. Fit the shelves with the white plastic locking devices (cam fittings) over the extruding pins at the top of each gable.  Be sure the finished edge is facing out.  Tighten the cam fittings with a star screwdriver.
  9. Attach the remaining shelves with the cam fittings wherever the pins extrude from the gables.
  10. Tighten and adjust the hanging brackets so that the gables are level in all directions and are firmly attached to the fixing rail.  The hang brackets can be adjusted up and down by turning the screw built into the bottom of the brackets as well as forward and back by the screw built into the front of the brackets.
  11. If you have drawers in the design, slide them into the drawer runners. The drawer fronts can be adjusted by slightly loosening the screws, holding the fronts in place and gently tapping the front until it is in the desired position.
  12. When you are happy with the drawer front position, attach the drawer handles.
  13. Fit the clothes bar rod holders into the pre-drilled holes in the desired positions.  Allow at least one exposed hole between the rod holder and the shelf over it.
  14. Place the remaining shelves in the desired position using supplied shelf supports in the pre-drilled holes.